LocationSmart Solutions

Powerful location determination raises business IQ

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Help your enterprise customers add actionable location intelligence to their core and mission critical applications and achieve a full return on investment in a few short months.

Call Centers

Automate call routing and find the nearest services

Optimize customer interaction and experience with real-time location services

Roadside Assistance

Identify caller location and dispatch nearby services

Streamline CRM operations, improve customer service and reduce call times through automated caller location


Verify whereabouts of independent owner operators

Set consistent standards that apply across all load management activities for on-the-spot insight into driver availability and ETA

Mobile Resource Management/Asset Tracking

Know where your resources are and improve field productivity

Use on-demand or scheduled location of employees or assets for automated job status, dispatching and compliance

Proximity Marketing

Send geo-targeted promotional campaigns to your subscriber-base

Implement mobile marketing alerts to preferred shoppers to drive traffic to brick and mortar locations

Financial Services

Prevent credit card fraud and ensure secure online transactions

Ensure that cardholder's location at time of purchase is in the vicinity of mobile phone for identify verification