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LocationSmart works closely with the wireless carriers and industry organizations to provide meaningful wireless services that comply with industry standards.


2013 Mobile Excellence Award Winner

2013 Mobile Merits Award Winner

What Is LocationSmart?

Simply put – it's device location made easy. You provide us with a telephone number that has agreed to use your service and we allow you to determine where it is, communicate with them and manage their desire for continued use.

LocationSmart® Platform is a cloud-based location and messaging service that brings instant nationwide device location awareness to enterprise and consumer applications. It provides immediate reach to over 360 million devices nationwide via a single API. Managing user consent is paramount; we provide the controls and flexibility required. There are no apps to download, which is a proven game changer for businesses. The expense to build, deploy, maintain, market and discover apps is completely eliminated. Connect via the cloud for quick access and broadest reach to any device on any major mobile operator and voila! – get insight into WHERE users, workers, shoppers and drivers are.


Single, trusted source for device location – mobile and landline


Complete nationwide coverage for two-way text messaging


Secure consent management for all privacy needs